R&D Dissemination

In collaborative environments, Octopussy & Co can participate bringing both technical capacity in the field of Architecture, construction, urban planning and cultural heritage; and communication, cultural management and marketing skills expertise.

Concerning the latter, OPY can design and conduct outcome oriented Communication and Dissemination activities to bring project results to the widest possible audience for the benefit of the project, its targeted market, and general public alike. Octopussy & Co helps project members to stay in regular contact with the group of interest, through the creation and management of the project visual identity, website, newsletters, targeted contents, organizing meetings, workshops, content creation and management of social and professional networks, etc. Octopussy & Co can also create and manage all over the project a special interest group of stakeholders (early adopters and future users and clients) related to the project by working directly with the Exploitation leader. In short, Octopussy & Co strives to make project dissemination activities by the consortium and its value chain to be structured in a deliberate manner to make the project developments replicable and of high impact and to be full y compliant.