European coverage

Octopussy & Co is a French private non-profit innovation and communication agency working to promote and disseminate at the widest possible audiences, European values of innovation, creativity, sustainability and cultural inclusiveness via scientific, technological or cultural collaborative projects (suite…)

R&D Dissemination

Downstream in the research and innovation chain, Octopussy & Co team provides support and coordinate all tasks related to the Communication and Dissemination of collaborative projects, following a communication strategy that we define with all the project partners.


Octopussy & Co helps project members to stay in regular contact with the group of interest, through the creation and management of the project visual identity, website, newsletters, targeted contents, organizing meetings, workshops, content creation and management of social and professional networks, etc.

Cultural Management

Specialized in cultural management, communication, content creation / management, traditional or online publishing, Octopussy published, among others, the newspaper Flux with the support of the city of Bayonne.


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Environment & Architecture

The built environment and Architecture are also a strong focus for Octopussy & Co which opens up to a holistic consideration of these topics that requires going beyond the field of culture to integrate science and technology with a goal of fostering innovation in the broad sense, as the only way to ensure positive social and economic impacts and ensure sustainable development in these areas.

In collaborative environments, Octopussy & Co can participate bringing both technical capacity in the field of Architecture, construction, urban planning and cultural heritage; and communication, cultural management and marketing skills expertise.